Jnes 1.0.2 for Android released

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After watching the beta release for a few months I've decided to make Jnes available in the public store again. Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta release and helped make sure Jnes still worked with all the changes to make it freely available.

This update includes a few bug fixes related to network connectivity for anyone who decided to add the extra features. If you downloaded the beta previously be on the lookout for the production releases, I don't know how those are handled.

While I'm excited to see Jnes back in the store again I'm a bit ambivalent about what will happen now, fingers crossed!
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Gent 1501719616000 #1

So PAR only support and no AR as yet?
What's a brother got to do to get some cheat luv? ????

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Jabo 1501763485000 #2

Hey Gent


Gent 1501795853000 #3

Check your old email J, chat soon


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